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Profile of Matharoo Associates, headquartered in India. Seven projects submitted by Matharoo Associates have been published on Architecture News Plus (ANP).

Gurjit Singh Matharoo (Matharoo Associates)
Gurjit Singh Matharoo – © Matharoo Associates


  • Gurjit Singh Matharoo

Brief description

Gurjit Singh Matharoo was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, in 1966. In 1992 after a brief stint in Ticino in Switzerland he established Matharoo Associates in Ahmedabad and also began teaching at the Centre for Environment, Planning and Technology.

Throughout its relatively short life Matharoo Associates has stood out due to its innovative concepts, out of the box thinking and high quality construction and execution in a third world scenario. Gurjit Singh Matharoo has lectured internationally and been the recipient of multiple international design awards. The recent ones being the Architectural review award emerging architecture award in 2009 and The AR house 2010 which celebrates the best house of the year.

At Matharoo Associates we believe in a clear emphasis of functionality and services, in exercising an extreme restraint whenever designing and using natural exposed materials where sunlight becomes the only embellishment as it varies and changes through the day and across the seasons. Our buildings are designed to be discovered; as one moves through them they unfold around one’s body to reveal their secrets and meanings over time and over spatial layers

Our office undertakes design work ranging from architecture, structural design and master-planning to product and automobile design, so despite our dedication to clarity we work in many different ways. We see all design disciplines as one, to remove boundaries and work with a fully combined approach. Interdisciplinary practice has become an important dimension of how we make all our designs.

Published projects

Net House by Matharoo Associates
Net House by Matharoo Associates net, nett, net, adj. clear of all else, subject to no further deductions. (Chamiers twentieth century dictionary) The relentlessly varying weather of the city...
Prathama Blood Center by Matharoo Associates
Prathama Blood Center by Matharoo Associates The Center has its origins in an Invited Architectural Competition in 1998. The promoters, Advanced Transfusion Medical Research Foundation, a not for profit...
House with Warped Court by Matharoo Associates
House with Warped Court by Matharoo Associates In the heart of the industrial city of Surat; with a recent history of plague, riots, earthquake, and floods; and dealing with the side effects of...
House with Balls by Matharoo Associates
House with Balls by Matharoo Associates Scooped out of a plot of farmland twenty minutes outside Ahmedabad city, this house has been built for an aquarium shop owner to function as a place to breed...
House by the Sea by Matharoo Associates
House by the Sea by Matharoo Associates Marooned ship, long lost fortresses dotting the western coastline and unseen aquatic life are some of the inspirations for this outhouse meant for family...
Dilip Sanghvi Residence by Matharoo Associates
Dilip Sanghvi Residence by Matharoo Associates House with wall of light: Being the largest exporter of polished diamonds, almost 80% of the world’s diamonds pass through the hands of Indian diamond...
Ashok Patel Residence by Matharoo Associates
Ashok Patel Residence by Matharoo Associates Located in fast growing suburbs of Ahmedabad, a prosperous city in the state of Gujarat in the west of India, the house is designed for a family consisting of...

Key projects

  • The Ashok Patel Residence, Ahmedabad, India
  • The House with the Wall of Light, Surat, India
  • House with Balls, Ahmedabad, India
  • Guesthouse by the Sea, Maharashtra, India
  • House 23, ORDOS, Inner Mongolia
  • The Parag Shah Residence, Surat, India
  • Prathama Blood Centre, Ahmedabad, India
  • The Indian Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010, China
  • The Cattiva Mobile Blood Donation Vehicle, Ahmedabad, India
  • Namaskar, The Indian Supercar, Ahmedabad, India

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